Peter Kirby at Small Nations Indiviudal in Luxembourg
President of FIDE - Kirsan Ilyumzhinov visit to Guernsey
Fred and Toby play in Avoine Fred wins the Open
2005-6 World Champion, Veselin Topalov simultaneous match
Guernsey team at 2nd Euro Minor Nations in the Faroe Islands
Giant Chess outside HMV in Market Square
Guernsey team at Euro Minor Nations in Andorra
Fred Hamperl reports on Neuchatel Switzerland 2007
2nd Spectrum Guernsey tournament
Fred Hamperl reports from Cappelle La Grande 2007
IM Robert Bellin Junior Simul
John Gaskin piece on the GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson Blindfold
Fred Hamperl reports from Southend 2006
1st Spectrum Guernsey tournament
Fred Hamperl in Paignton
Peter Kirby in Dubai
John Bisson 90th
Peter Rowe sundry
John Bisson sundry
Brittany matches