Guernsey Chess Club and Federation Reports

On Friday 16 February 2007, IM Rebert Bellin took on 10 Guernsey Juniors at a simultaneous match and then gave them a chess lesson.

Guernsey juniors pose for a Press photograph that appeared in the island's main newspaper soon after the event. From left to right, kneeling David Paynter, Jonathan Spicer, Sam Smith, Matthew Hale and standing Fareed Anees, Christopher Galpin, Adil anees, Sam Hale and Ruairi Harnden. In the background IM Robert Bellin speaks with Elizabeth College school master Andrew Hale.

The Guernsey Yacht Club is a really nice venue from the simul room the Condor Catamaran can be seen arriving at the main St Peter Port harbour.

After making his first moves on boards 1 to 9 Robert notices Matthew Hale's board is set-up 90 degress out. In Matthew's defence he had been sat on the board to the right and hadn't set this one up himself.

Christopher already has his second move ready and looks on confidently. Jonathan Spicer on the other hand records Bellin's second move (1.d4 d5) 2.Nc3, hmmm..... not sure Jonathan knows much about the Veresov opening.

Robert considers making a tricky second move against Ruairi.

Bellin plays Bb5 against Matthew Hale arriving at one of his favourites, the spanish opening. Terry Harnden, Peter Rowe and Oliver Rowe some of the guernsey senior players look on.

After the simultaneous match Robert gives the guys a chess lesson. David Paynter thinks "if only I'd played that move in my game against him".

Needless to say Bellin won the match 10-0. Jonathan Spicer lasted the longest against him. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his lesson as well. A big thank you to IM Robert Bellin from the Guernsey Junior Chess Club.

Written by Fred Hamperl