Guernsey Chess Club and Federation Reports

Fred Hamperl reports from Euro Minor Nations in Andorra, 20-28 June 2009

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Peter Rowe, Fred Hamperl and Any Hale travelled down to Andorra, La Vella by car and Peter Kirby flew to Barcelona and travelled by bus (with Jersey team) the next morning.

Andy Hale with Cruise ship in background as we leave Guernsey

We stay overnight in Coulon recommended by Ron van Beek. It was a great place famous for its boats that go to the Marais. This fisherman (just outside our room window) seemed to portray the relaxed world here perfectly.

It was the summer solstis so the locals held a great party here the night before.

Peter picked this place (Auville) randomly form his map for a place to stop for lunch, it was really beautiful.

There was a great view off the river from Auville.

We arrived in La Vella capital of Andorra at about 6 pm on Saturday 20 June.

The police were out at the opening ceremony becuase the president was due to arrive any minute.

The President of Andorra (centre), President of Andorran Chess Federation (left) and Geoffrey Borg from Malta (right).

The Openeing ceremony was perfect, short and sweet. The President and mayor attended. We were all saluted by the police officers as we entered the government building for the ceremony. After the ceremony we all walked to the congress centre for a champagne reception with the president. The playing conditions are great.

The 5 Star hotel is fantastic, the rooms are enormous. The sun is shining in the mountains and all is perfect. Now for the chess.

In round 1 Guernsey have been drawn with Liechtenstein. Personally I would have preferred a stronger team to get our cobwebs off before facing a team like this where we have a serious chance of winning. PS Garry, Peter Rowe says there's a bunny on board 4!

Guernsey won! 3-1! Peter Rowe won on board 1 against 2103, Peter Kirby drew on board 2 against a 2100, Fred Hamperl beat a 2080 Candidate Master and Andy Hale drew on board 4. This must be one of Guernsey's best ever team wins, and in round 1. Andy Hale gave the team a real solidity and everyone played very confidently, 4-0 looked on the cards for a while.

In round 2 Guernsey are drawn against Cyprus. Cyprus beat Monaco today so they'll be no walkover. They say Cypr (pronaounced "seeep") in French / Catalan, Fred thought they'd said they'd played "sheep". Guernsey were lambs to the slaughter losing 2.5 - 1.5. Andy Hale won well on board 4 and Peter Kirby had a solid draw on board 2.

In round 3 Guernsey played Monaco and lost 3-1. Our games were shown live online and on the big screens at the tounament venue. Everyone lost apart from Fred Hamperl who won with a nice tactic at the end.

In round 4 Guernsey are drawn against Malta.

On the morning of Tuesday 23 June we drove through La Massana and visited the village of Ordino. Not a cloud in the sky the mountains were really beautiful.

Written by Fred Hamperl.