Guernsey Chess Club and Federation Reports

Fred Hamperl reports on the 2nd Spectrum Guernsey Tournament, 16-18 March 2007

This event was once again held at the Peninsula Hotel.

The main playing hall that we use in October was split into 3 sections and there was still plenty of room for this event. A junior mind sports was held in one of the other sections.

Daniel Rosen (CM) plays young Peter Williams. Peter was just ten years old. Channel 5 TV were filming a documentary based on him. It can be viewed on our reports page in the TV section.

Greg Lowe from Guernsey won a prize in the 4th grading band section.

Terry Harnden from Guernsey won the 3rd grading band prize.

Christopher Galpin won the Channel Island Junior prize.

Toby Brookfield (CM) from Guernsey won the 2nd grading band and was equal first with David Sedgwick and Daniel Rosen (CM) overall.

Peter Williams won a prize in the 2nd grading band section.

Hopefully there will be a 2008 event.

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